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Pets and their people

When do you perform surgeries?

We do all routine surgical procedures between Monday - Friday excluding public holidays. Emergency procedures will be scheduled as needed. All surgeries or treatments require your pet to stay with us for the day. They are able to receive a high level of care from their dedicated surgical nurse and veterinarian. We understand leaving your pet can be scary, but rest assured your pet is in the best hands. We treat each patient as if it were our own and ensure we keep your pet as comfortable as possible. We even have heated mats on our treatment tables so your pets paws won't get cold!

My animal is having surgery tomorrow. Can it have food and water?

To maximize the safety and efficiency of your pets procedure . Unless otherwise instructed by our veterinary team,please ensure:

Please refer to our anaesthesia handout for more detailed information - anaesthetic_info.pdf

When can I pick my pet up following their surgery?

This is dependent on the type of surgery your pet has. Most routine procedures allow you to pick your pet up when you finish work in the afternoon. We will arrange a discharge time on admission or give you a call after the surgery and can arrange it with you then.

My pet has run out of medication, can I just come in to get more?

Please phone us a head of time to ensure the medication you require is in stock. When you phone to order your medication, our veterinary nurses will check your pets file. It is very important that animals on prescription medicine are monitored. This means we would like to see your pet every 6 months when on medication. This is so we are able to asses the dose, frequency and the effects the medication is having on your pet. Most medication dosage is set per kg. It is important to make sure accurate weighing ensures your pet is getting the right dose. For more information, give us a call!

Why can't vets advise, diagnose or prescribe over the phone?

It is difficult for a veterinarian to come up with an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan if they have not physically examined the pet themselves. It is unethical and illegal to prescribe medication for an animal that hasn't been physically examined by a veterinarian.

Why is vet care so expensive?

There is no government support for your pets healthcare. It may seem you are paying more for your pet's treatment than your own. Human patients receive Medicare that pays for the cost of our medical treatment. When you compare veterinary fees to other professional service fees, they are not really excessive. It is important to be aware that your veterinarian is not just your pets GP, but also their dermatologist, surgeon, pharmacist, oncologist and dentist.

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