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Pets and their people

Aging Pets

Senior Pet Care in Adelaide

Pets are part of our families, and as such we want to keep them healthy and comfortable for as long as possible. We also want to age with dignity, and we want that for our pets, too. Maintaining the bond between you and your pet is at the heart of our practice.

A comprehensive team approach is required to maximize the care of aging pets. Our practice has a keen appreciation for the problems older animals face and enjoy the complex management that some require. We can't do that without your help as the pet owner, so we need you to know what to look for and how you can help. Just as children rely on parents for their well-being, your aging pet requires more care and attention. We'll ask you for a thorough medical history on a regular basis, recommend appropriate lab work, and establish a baseline for your pet's function and comfort.

Who qualifies as a Senior or Geriatric?

While it varies a bit based on the pet's species and breed, we usually consider cats and dogs as 'Seniors' when they are 7+ years of age, and 'Geriatrics' at 10+ years of age. Giant breed dogs are senior at approximately 5 years of age, and geriatric at 8+.

How is the care of Aging Pets different?

We recommend check ups every six months for aging pets, as their aging process is accelerated compared to that of humans. Because they cannot simply tell us their problems like humans can, we rely on your close observations and lab work to identify problems early-on. And, a lot can change in those six months. Some changes to their environment at home, exercise, play, and nutrition may be indicated. We've developed a survey to help us identify if anything is amiss, and how problems may change over time. You can submit it online



We've developing a wealth of client education resources to help you take care of your pet as they age. There are some general helpers below, and more specific resources for pets diagnosed with chronic diseases and those approaching their twillight years over on our Hospice/End of Life Care page.

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Senior Vet Care in Adelaide

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