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Stop Press - Free Arthritis Treatment

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Arthritis is currently the most common health problem in dogs, affecting 35% of older dogs and about 30% of cats. Yet only a fraction of these animals have their disease well managed, sadly meaning many of our pets are putting up with pain.

What is arthritis?

Arthritis is the term commonly used to describe degenerative joint disease or osteoarthritis. Simply put it means "inflamed joints".

Read more about arthritis.

What are the symptoms of arthritis?

From mild behavioural changes to a complete inability to walk, the symptoms of arthritis vary enormously and sometimes quite surprisingly. The most commonly noticed sign is a stiffness after rest or a reluctance to do normal activity.

Read more on the symptoms of arthritis.

How is arthritis diagnosed?

A degree of suspicion can be reached following a thorough physical examination and from the symptoms described by the owner. (This is called a presumptive diagnosis).

If we want to maximise our chances of being safe and effective in formulating a treatment plan then we need to know more.

An X-ray is required to rule out other causes of joint pain, to determine the type, stage or severity of the disease, and to ascertain if there is an underlying cause that can be treated.

Coming Soon - x-ray of an arthritic joint.

At times a "joint tap" may be done to take a sample of the joint fluid for analysis.

As many osteoarthritis patients are geriatric and potentially have multiple concurrent diseases, blood screening is also indicated so that the entire picture can be taken into account.

Coming Soon - Geriatric Wellness Screen Information.

Can arthritis be treated?

So what can you do to help your beloved pet feel better? Is there a way to stop it from getting worse? Luckiliy there is good with the improvement of arthritis diagnosis and treatment, there are more and safer options than there used to be.

At Pets and Their People, we are striving for a "Pain Free" practice. We would be delighted to help you maximise your pets quality of life while living with arthritis. Please call your preferred clinic to make an appointment.

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