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Pets and their people

Arthritis Efficacy Study

This Study Has Now Been CLOSED.

By five years of age around 15% of dogs have arthritis. This number increases to 35% of dogs as they age. Because dogs are brave, they don't complain and almost never cry… they soldier on stoically tolerating the pain. In fact often the signs of the pain they are suffering are quite subtle.

Old Dog Resting

Are you worried that your beloved dog is getting older?

Old Dog less active

Well here is an amazing opportunity to get gold standard diagnosis and treatment for arthritis at no cost to you.

Old Dog more active

If you are willing to participate and if your dog meets the selection criteria you will receive nearly $1000 worth of care… at no cost to you.

Old Dog more playful

You and your pet will recieve:

Old Dog more playful

Here is the catch. For you to take advantage of this you will be committing to following through. This is not a free lunch!

Once selected, if you wish to participate, you will need to:

This is a commitment of your time … and it is crucial that you are fully prepared for the input that is required of you.

Can you do this for your best mate?

At this stage we are seeking expressions of interest. Places are limited.

If you wish to participate please read the selection criteria carefully. Then email our coordinator at inquiries@petsandtheirpeople.com.au. Please include: a description of your dog, a short (approx 200 word) explanation of why you believe you and your pet would make good candidates. Please include your contact details.

We will make a preliminary assessment and call you to book a pre-trial appointment if your dog is lucky enough to be selected.

Live the best life you can

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