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Pets and their people

Puppy Pre-School

So, you have taken on the responsibility of a new puppy…Its gorgeous and your heart melts.

Do you want your new Puppy to grow into your best friend?

Am I being a good puppy parent?

What if my puppy grows up to be a nightmare?

All too regularly we see puppies and adult dogs suffering from conditions that could easily have been prevented.

Pets and Their People “Puppy Preschool” will set you on the right path.

Well behaved dogs are a joy to exercise and socialise with. They provide companionship and increase well-being and happiness in their owners. A well behaved dog truly is a best friend for life.

Puppy Pre-School is a critical first step on the path to a wonderful life together.

At Pets and their People have been taking care of puppies since 1998. We started running Puppy Preschool in 2000. Our team of vets and veterinary nurses have done extensive and ongoing study and training in animal behaviour, gentle training techniques, behaviour and preventative health. With thousands of happy customers, no one is better suited to help you take care of all the needs of your puppy.

All Puppy’s and their People should attend Puppy Preschool

1 hour, once a week for 4 weeks is all it takes.

In 4 weeks we guarantee that you will know more about taking care of you puppy, be well on the path to having a trusting fulfilling relationship with a well trained dog and have a stronger relationship with your pup.

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