Brooke - Nurse Manager & Cat Advocate

Hi, My name is Brooke Wright. I started working with this amazing team in October 2005, and I honestly can't imagine myself working anywhere else!!

I took on the Nurse Manager role here over 2 years ago. In this time I have overseen and watched our Nursing team continue to develop and strive to be the best that they can be to assist and support our Vets, our clients and your pets.

Most of the spare time that I have, being a Mother and Full-Time employee, is spent with my Family. My Fur babies included.

As a cat advocate for cat friendly clinic, I recognise that because of cats unique nature and needs, taking your cat to a veterinary clinic can be very stressful, both for the cat and also the owner. Our Wayville Animal Hospital's Cat Friendly Clinic programme is designed to help address these issues by creating more cat friendly veterinary clinics and so reducing the stress for the cat, and making veterinary visits easier for cat owners as well.

This is my big Fur baby Bronson.

Having reservations of getting a big bouncy Golden Retriever when my child was only 3 years of age, I understood that training and obedience was essential from a very early age. The time I spent in the early stages of his life (we even attended one of our own Puppy Pre-school classes), proved to be very successful. He has never been a digger, never chewed on or eaten my clothes and was even able to differentiate his toys scattered across the backyard from my child's toys. My big baby is coming up 8 years of age, so my focus over the past couple of years now was to do everything within my means to try to reduce and manage the inevitable Osteo-Arthritis. I am happy to say, he still tears around the backyard with his play, and gives those seagulls a run for their money down the beach!

This is my tiny girl Bella. Coming on 14 years now, she too thinks she is still a teenager. She does the most entertaining head banging dance I have ever seen, and this always puts a smile on my face. As with many small breeds, and not even a Veterinary Professional is immune to this, Dental disease and it's management has been a constant struggle for me with this ratbag. Regular trips into work to complete a thorough scale and polish seems to be the best option for us, given the busyness that is life!

Finally, this is my middle fur baby, Tom Cat.

Tom cat is nearing 11 years of age. Having always been a boy who has loved spending most of his time outside sunbaking in the front yard, I thought it was going to be a major struggle for him (and I) when a recent house change was the perfect opportunity for me to transition him into being an inside only boy. Given his increasing age, and knowing how good cats can be as masking any pain, discomfort and Ill health they may be feeling, I felt now was the best time to remove him from the unpredictable weather conditions that we can have here in Adelaide (Hot and Cold), and keep him closer to me so I could monitor any signs of changes in his behavior/health. Also, it wouldn't be long before he would struggle to out run the neighborhood bully cat.

As you can see, his transition has been well received. He is LOVING rolling around on the carpet, he has also taken over my lounge, window sill, kitchen chairs, washing basket... well everywhere belongs to him now, haha. Yes, there is a little extra cat hair that I am having to clean up but we nurses are always covered in pet hair anyway. And we love it.

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