Dana - Receptionist/Client Liaison

Hi! I'm Dana and I'm the Receptionist/Client Liaison at our Fulham Gardens Clinic. I've had a huge love of animals for as long as I can remember and honestly think they're one of the best things in the world. I've always wanted to work with them in some capacity so I was thrilled when I was offered a role as receptionist with Pets and Their People in 2017.

I've grown up with an assortment of pets and now have a Mastiff called Zeus, an Australian Bulldog called Missy, a Rainbow Lorikeet called Mumbo and a Bearded Dragon called Frankie! They certainly keep me busy and poor but I adore them all. I feel incredibly blessed to be working with such an amazing team that genuinely care about what they do and I look forward to getting to know all of the pets and their owners.

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