Helen Sheldon - Veterinary Nurse

Hi, my name is Helen and I have been vet nursing for 21 years, the last 5 with PATP. I love vet nursing for many reasons, and one of them is the many passionate people I have worked with who have then become lifelong friends.

Although I have a huge passion for surgical nursing (I hold a Diploma in this area), I also enjoy working at the reception counter. I love interacting with the clients and their fur babies and helping with advice to keep them as happy and healthy as possible. It's great watching puppies and kittens growing and maturing alongside the human babies.

Over the years I have had dogs, cats, a horse, ducks, chooks and goats, but at the moment I have a couple of ow key kids. Linus and Ralphy are my green tree frogs. They are cool, cute and have loads of personality.

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