Kathryn - Reception

I am one of the new reception team at PATP, having been welcomed into the family in April 2021 after an opportunity arose which enabled me to move on from a management retail position. I find myself working across two of our three clinics, which keeps me actively involved and being able to continually learn and improve. I love working with everyone as the amount of caring and compassion shown is amazing and drives me.

I enjoy customer service as it can be challenging and rewarding. Every day beings with a new client/patient chapter and you never know what the next phone call or the next procedure will be that walks through the door. Seeing firsthand our amazing veterinary and nursing team in action daily is exciting and rewarding.

From a very young age I was bought up with animals around and had a menagerie of pets through the years. Having a pet has been a vital addition to my household and to my children. We have certainly had an assortment ranging from cats, frogs, fish, turtles, birds and currently a dog. So there has definitely not been a dull or quiet moment in our family.

I look forward to meeting you and your fur babies the next time you are in.

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